Demographics, Population Density and Pricing

Ashley Todd
Ashley Todd

All kinds of things contribute to what a buyer pays, or a seller charges for process serving. Since process serving occurs across the country for all kinds of different reasons its no surprise that the price paid, or received, for a serve can vary.

Population density has a definite impact on the price a process server charges. When thousands of people live in close proximity, densely populated, it translates to more opportunities for service in a given area and thereby reduces the miles traveled per door being knocked on. Fewer miles traveled and shorter travel times mean more opportunity to knock on more doors while reducing the cost of fuel and time equals the potential for a lower price to the buyer. Also, higher populated areas typically have more active process servers(sellers) and competition amongst process servers(sellers) can also lower the price a buyer might pay. However, these are not absolutes. The demographics of an area can increase or decrease the amount a process server charges within an otherwise “normal” area. For example, there may be a specific area within a major metropolitan area where travel is difficult due to traffic or other factors. This may slow down process servers and therefore increase price. Also, some areas may be deemed less desirable or potentially dangerous which could increase price.

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As a buyer it’s helpful to understand the area you are sending the process server. By understanding the demographics and population density ahead of time you may prepare yourself to better understand the cost you will incur as well as understand any challenges that may be faced.

As a seller(process server) it’s helpful to understand the areas you serve and how they relate to other areas across the country from a market intelligence perspective. Similar demographics and population densities often share similar pricing models and could be useful in setting your prices.

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