Proceed with Caution – The Dangers of Process Serving

Ashley Todd
Ashley Todd

You don’t have to look far to hear stories about how dangerous of a profession process serving can be. Process Serving is a dangerous job, at times, but someone must do it. Ever ask yourself why someone would want to do a dangerous job? Some would say they like thrill, challenge, or never having a boring moment. Some say that the flexibility of working their own hours and being able to drive around all day outweighs the potential dangers. Whether it be the thrill, the challenge or just to try to make a living it’s a profession that isn’t going away any time soon.

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What are some dangers of Process Serving?

  • Dogs protecting their property and owner
  • People acting oddly or threatening manner
  • Serving at night - People are more on edge
  • Serving in remote areas or areas that are secluded from general view

How to overcome some of these dangers?

-Always be aware of your surroundings:

  • Check for any indications of dogs- I.E: Bowls, chains, chewed porch posts, or beware of dog’s signage
  • Check for any signs of “beware of owner” type signs
  • Check for “racist” flags
  • Plan out your way to the door- Tripping hazards or anything that might slow your retreat from a hostile person
  • Look for any kind of weapon when the door opens
  • Avoid any location with a large group of people in front of an address

-When knocking on door, step back 6-10 feet from door

-Erin’s List – www.erinslist.us - A free, integrated toolset focused on process server personal safety while further providing awareness to the dangers of the profession

-Always approach situations in a professional and courteous manner and be prepared to walk away from a situation that has escalated

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The best process servers use all the tools at their disposal to get the job done, but not all papers are meant to be served. The justice system, in most places, is set up to effect service either by law enforcement or other means when a situation becomes too dangerous for a process server. Like any job, going home at the end of the day is paramount. Stay safe out there servers!

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