Seller Advantages


The Wallet allows you to withdraw your money whenever, however, and as many times as you want once orders are completed.


Work as much or as little as you want by taking control of your inventory. Sellers have the power to accept or reject any orders they choose.

Build Relationships

Build lasting relationships by becoming a Buyer’s Trusted Seller. By providing excellent service, Buyers can give you first access to their orders in your area.

Market Intelligence

Want to expand your coverage or don’t know how much to charge for service in an area? Use EZ Knock's market intelligence to help you answer these questions and more!


With a true price-driven market, you can set your own rates for orders in the Retail Marketplace or browse the Wholessale Market where Buyers price their orders for Sellers to accept.


EZ Knock offers extended support hours as well as our 24/7 extensive Help Center content.

Market Access

Sellers can easily become Buyers to help their business expand to nationwide coverage by taking advantage of the marketplace.

Referral Opportunities

Simply share your personalized URL (PURL) with potential Buyers and Sellers to the marketplace and earn some extra cash!